Nude Raider & Cosplay

With the advent of Tanya’s “Nude Raider” photos, a little controversy has sparked on deviantART’s Tomb Raider groups: some cosplayers, such as Jenn Croft, who take a stand against nude Lara representations have removed themselves and their photos from any groups who choose to accept such provocative representations of Lady Croft. Those who tend to reject Nude Raider affiliations cite Toby Gard’s, the creator of Lara, issue with Lara being overly-sexualized.

"I was asked to do Lara nude. This was as close as I would allow myself to go," Gard commented  on his site in regards to the image below: 

In regards to this blog, I try to keep all postings within the PG-13 rating. That said, a well-done Lara nude doesn’t bother me in the slightest. My biggest issue when it comes to sexy Lara images is how poorly done they tend to be; I don’t think Tanya’s photos fall into that category.

What’s your stance on Nude Raider in gaming, art, and cosplay?

  1. nokazinha answered: oh my god
  2. gwynbleidd-of-rivia answered: Obviously I wouldn’t like nudity in the game, but art is different and everybody can do what they want with it ;)
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    I really cant stand it when people make nude images or mods of Lara. I just think its everything that Lara Croft is not...
  4. mrich2029 answered: I see absolutely nothing wrong with it …
  5. samreevesphoto answered: I love it. I’d do a nude TR themed shoot if I can find a model who has an interest in it.
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